God & Torah:

Each soul journeys in a lifetime to refine itself and become closer to Infinity.
Every soul has a unique journey. Some have trauma both from this lifetime and past lifetimes that need to be overcome to journey higher.
Our essential life path is acknowledging totality and oneness of Hashem (God) in one's life.
Through refining self and traits and our life path (in order to serve the will of Hashem) in the purest way possible we gain soul light energy and benevolence in this world and the next.
Those who become spiritually attuned can seek out and comprehend spiritual communication with the Divine, sometimes via his messengers. They can also channel Divine light and radiance through healing and good deeds according to the will of Hashem.

Torah is the revealed truth of God. It is an infinitely layered document and teaching process, channelled by Hashem. A Jew cannot fully exist without Torah. Without Torah, much of their life will be cast in shadow, whether they realise it or not. Torah is a covenant of ongoing practice and life knowledge and learning.

As an artist, I also want to acknowledge the crucial role of narrative in transformation.
Humanity can connect and and become the story, through using energy of story for transformation.
The story is and can be redemptive. That is, it can bring total peace and harmony to the world.
We can work with the characters of story as archetypes, connecting to their narrative arcs and character transformations and using these righteous energies to climb higher.


Inner visualisation and mental imagery are a means to connect to infinite space.
Visualisations activate and utilize the processes mind's eye, the third eye chakra in the forehead, also the place of the head crown tephillin.
Influenced by the infinite sea of the unconscious, filtered through subconscious experience, visualisations awaken the world of formation in the present and higher conscious sphere.
They speak to the construction of conscious reality but can shift and morph it like an artwork or dream.
In visualisations we are able to reconcile. We can bring aspects of the hidden or shadow self into the light. We can heal, change and transform.
We are also able to discard, build, grow and learn from our inner world and higher worlds.


All the world is made up of a diverse mosaic of tribes. Tribalism is key to understanding the self and our place in the world. Our soul alligns to a spiritual imprint, that means we need (and possess in our inner ethnic self) a vessel for our identity. For some this may be more eclectic, for others its more inward and conservative. However, the vast majority of people affiliate and define themselves to a group. Not only is this an affiliation, but its also a spiritual template, formed and shaped by ancestors and folklore. Some tribes have spiritual systems of belief, culture, education, rites of passage, rituals, collective happenings and festivals. These all become layers of collective consciousness that radiate unique energy into the world. In a world of harmony, all tribes know themselves fully without hate of the other and can express their purpose and the full beauty of their identity. The key is this balance between individual and collective.

Light and Shadow work:

The core work of any true artist is to work with light and shadow. To show the self and society how to strive for truth and how to challenge oneself on fears, fixations, hates, desires, falsehood and confusion.
Often the shadow is the repressed part of the self, or trauma carried from youth or from previous lives.
It is usually projected out or carried inside as baggage.
The role of healing in art can be to bring the shadow into the light and to release it.
Through doing this the shadow is reconfigured back into the person and makes the person whole again.

Transformation Manifestation:

Art can manifest reality. Working with handwritten words with a pure intent is the simplest method to actualization. Say, pray and intend what you want (if it is reasonable and achievable in your life context) and it can happen. Art can take this to a new level - adding layers of energy to the process and depicting the supernal self. Vision the change you want to be.


In its purest form creativity can be the will of God, sent through a channel of the artist.
If the process is pure, the intent is pure, then creativity is holy an the realised wisdom of God.
Art can allude to prophecy.


A shaman is a guide into the spiritual realms. they are able to negotiate light and shadow in these spaces through their wisdom, experience and most of all connection to the Higher Source.
The Rebbe, a Jewish Hassidic leader, is a Jewish form of shaman. He leads the tribe. He can heal the sick and can chart new spiritual frontiers for exploration.
A shaman can negotiate the spiritual realms and cause adjustments there. He can effect change through embodiment, through sucking out negative energy from others, healing them and allowing the energy to pass in peace. This is a key gift of a shaman: the ability to turn dark to light. This is also the same theory behind Hassidism, which was a Jewish spiritual renewal movement initiated in the 1800s in Eastern Europe.


All of us have fragmentation. In fact our role in the universe is rectification (Tikkun). To bring together the sparks and souls of chaos and to return them to Unity in a process of tikkun. Any person can provide healing, it's just that some are more energized than others. Spiritual healing is often with the hands, the breath, the mind and also involves prayer and intention. Healing is the drawing down of higher divine energies to nourish and elevate a person who is depleted or damaged.

Angelology/Celestial realms:

Using methods of visualisation, we can begin to explore the infinite tapestry of the upper worlds. In these metaphysical spaces, we can meet spiritual beings, friends, angelic entities and spirits.
Through acknowledging God and all his worlds, we can utilize these energies for guidance, protection and healing. Every person can access these worlds and gain benefit from their fruits.

Higher Consciousness:

The goal of every soul is to reach a higher state of consciousness and higher self. Many traditions have their own paths to this place and imagine it in different ways.
It can be a palace of light, a glowing island or even flying amongst the clouds. Higher consciousness is reached through learning to listen to one's soul, then acting according to the will of God.
Through accessing the inner path, this becomes a spiritual ladder, where our soul begins to elevate and to ascend in its purpose.
Eventually, we can reach our higher self...a place where all our physical and spiritual needs allign. We achieve our goals, become pure and free and walk with the light.

Nullifying ego and desire and walking with humility are not only key to reaching this place,
that is the place.