www.londonfilmmuseum.com - “London Film Museum Film School,” is both a working professional film & art studio as well as an exciting educational centre for interactive learning. As part of “London Film Museum,” “The Film School” runs a variety of informative and stimulating workshops, catering for all ages and abilities, encompassing everything film, art, theatre and design related. Particularly, “The Film School” seeks to provide a creative outlet, facilitating filmic ideas developed in “The London Film Museum” further into the reality of production: directing, performing & filming. However, workshops do not just stop at all things movie related; sophisticated art workshops encompassing techniques such as mural and graphic design or enlightening theatre workshops including the elements of stage acting and dramatic narrative can also be run for student groups. These workshops allow students and artists to work with top independent professionals, harbouring and aiding their pure creativity, in an eclectic hub of stimulating ideas and interactive free-play.


We believe the essentials for a good education involve providing and nurturing student skills so they can be utilised in present and future life stages. That is why at “London Film Museum Film School,” through our expertise, we work closely with students to ensure that a multitude of essential techniques are seeded and developed in their creative minds. We seek to harness their imagination by developing, facilitating and channelling their ideas into reality. By encompassing everything, from performance to artistic skills, our dynamic education system aims to build inner confidence and augment personal development. Our sophisticated teaching of body & mind skills sparks students on a voyage of personal imaginative development while similarly allowing numerous opportunities for teamwork. Not only are our workshops second to none, encompassing all aspects of media production from delivering projects from a brief to the technical and logistical requirements in running a production, but this discovery of media will set students up with vital skills, fundamental to all aspects of life.

Organic processes
We aim to facilitate an environment of pure creativity and play, using informative and non-prescriptive teaching methods. Using stream of consciousness writing and sketching, to brainstorming, we promote free playtime in the studio with a variety of craft tools, from computer design programmes to cameras to paintbrushes.

Therapeutic processes
We utilize methods that safely draw on participant’s inner experience, through delineating artistic and dramatic safe spaces that act out personal narratives but safely shroud them in stylised imagination.

Body mind processes
We promote the use of movement and awareness workshop techniques, to increase attentiveness to inner and outer environments, as well as physical improvisation and meditation to create a safe and balanced environment to develop personal change, enrich creativity, to increase confidence and promote positive self image.

Didactic processes
We encourage dual processes that aim to educate and to entertain, to pass on knowledge to others in an open and shared environment. As well as believing that the core of artistic work should be the need to have something to say and something that the world should hear.