I'm a filmmaker and artist, originally from London but now touring abroad.

I work with a variety of visual media - including documentary & fiction film, experimental video art, painting - often live at gigs, dance and movement awareness. I also write and act in theatre.

My inspirations are humanity and being human. The belief that we can find a path through our chaotic refracting world, via mutual understanding - especially from the arts. I believe in the crucial importance of teaching and using art for therapeutic means...to connect with the inner self, to heal and to build bridges with other people...to help others find their way.

I believe in a spiritual life, in being human and in the struggle to be...where art is often the dramatic poetic conflicts in the mind of faith and the constant seeking of truths.

My deepest interest is in folklore & ancient narrative. My view is that the world is made up of incredible tribes, rich in history, ancestry, ritual and customs. We have to reach out to understand, without fearing compromise to our own identity.

I have exhibited artworks around the world, including live painting at Glastonbury festival and video art at Burning Man Festival in Nevada USA.

Currently, my team is based at the superb London Film Museum in County Hall on London's South Bank, as Artist in Residence - running film art projects and workshops.

Work started at County Hall via the 2007 Star Wars exhibition with the Oscar winning film director Roger Christian. Subsequently, I supplied film content for THE MOVIEUM in London and Paris. The video content was curated together with SFX master and movie director Bob Keen (SFX Hellraiser, Event Horizon, Dog Soldiers). www.londonfilmmuseum.com

Recent Highlights:

The "Tribal" project. Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, "Tribal" was a community led film project around the social heritage of boxing in the Olympic boroughs of London. The project gave voice to local people, young and old, and promoted their local history as exciting, dynamic and something that is still living and happening today: www.youtube.com/2012tribal

Performing a one man theatrical show 'Rodney the Nebbuch' - a psychoanalytical performance of mind bending surrealism with blurring insights into global utopia and dystopia.

Working as Art Director for Grassroots Jews, designing promotional material and a sacred prayer space.

A documentary on Jewish boxers from the East End called 'Ghetto Warriors" featured at the Jewish Museum, London. Co-Producer Meg Vandermerwe.

Directing the play "Yabbok" at the LJCC Pheonix Theatre - a fusion of film and physical theatre based around the struggle for religion and identity. The movement consultant was the reknowned Leah Bartal, who had 60 years experience in dance and drama - one of her mentors being the movement engineer Moshe Feldenkrais.

I am currently finishing the direction on a feature documentary film called 'The Children of the Ghetto' - the story of East End Jewry. The film is a deep meditation into the old world of the ghetto - featuring tales of identity and memory from many varied voices.
The film has a vision for the future. That we can learn from the past to build a new vision together. Something that has integrity, vitality and movement.

The film features interviews with Vidal Sassoon, Steven Berkoff and the Chief Rabbi, Michael Grade, Rachel Lichtenstein, Lord Levy, Sir Arnold Wesker, Lord Kalms, Henry Goodman, Emmanuel Litvinoff as well as many many of the special real people of the East End past - the women, the tailors, the bakers, the tradespeople who made the ghetto sway with the verve of transformation.

Lastly, (with my colleague Elliot Manches) we set up a film academy for training filmmakers from diverse and marginalised backgrounds - it's called FILM FOR HUMANITY. Our aim is to reach out and give a voice to those who don't have the means to express themselves; such as migrant groups, young offenders and those who suffer from mental health situations.

100s of projects and workshops have been run, most across East London, training young filmmakers and helping alienated youth to find their voice. www.youtube.com/filmforhumanity

All my work is in the realm of channeling spirit - to enlighten, to inspire and to lift and transform potential.
I work as a creative consultant, healer, vision maker and medium.

Its all about collaborative process...not just the end result...
and this world is now in a mega process of transformation...

be prepared...

Redemption sounds....

There's loads of other bits and pieces, see some at:

I'm always willing to talk to artists to help them where I can, so be in contact. I believe in developing talent, developing communities and sharing knowledge.


(my sparring partner in the photos is Samson Dar Oranuga,
a great warrior and filmmaker)