Art can build the world through the crystallisation of ideals.

Therefore, my colleague Elliot Manches and I felt it important to develop a specialist film academy that supports marginalised filmmakers in a professional environment with free training programmes.

In 2005, a unique themed film project "Alien Invasion" was run with David Russell. Set in the East End, the cradle of immigration, it marked 100 years of the Alien Act and the concept of the immigrant.

In the summer of 2006, "Film For Humanity" was established to mark 70 years since the Battle of Cable Street as a marker against race hate and to promote ideals of humanity and diversity through film.

Our projects are dynamic and community or event focussed, moving from location to location depending upon need. They are all built around a strong concept brief to inspire the participants to think for themselves.

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In my community work, I have also produced many youth theatre productions. I have worked with the National Youth Theatre on the Deptford Tales project and also worked with the youth organisation 'Streetwise.'

Employing the use of creative therapies with youth work, I co-directed a youth theatre production called ‘Open Your Eyes.’ The piece facilitated the voices of young people and their narratives through improvisation and devising techniques based around a skeleton script. The script worked with abuse and dysfunctional families, being based upon actual cases from the sponsoring organisation, Streetwise, worked with through counselling workshops. The project also employed creative training in music, dance and filmmaking for the teams of young people involved. The result was a sophisticated and innovative collage of theatre, film, dance and song.